claire tabale

I offer a wide range of services to help businesses achieve their marketing goals. I have extensive experience in developing and executing effective digital marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms, including social media, email, and search engines.My services include:- Developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals
- Conducting market research and competitor analysis to understand your target audience and identify opportunities for growth
- Creating and managing social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement
- Building and optimising websites to improve user experience and search engine rankings
- Developing and executing email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and drive conversions
- Tracking and analysing data to measure the success of campaigns and make data-driven decisions
I am highly skilled in utilising various digital marketing tools. I have a deep understanding of Social Media, SEO, PPC, and analytics, which allows me to drive successful campaigns to increase ROI.With my knowledge and services, your business will benefit from a comprehensive and data-driven approach to digital marketing. By working with me, you'll be able to reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.I am confident that my experience and expertise can help your business achieve its marketing objectives.

Meet Claire

Claire is a highly experienced and accomplished digital marketing strategist with a proven track record of driving business growth and revenue through effective marketing campaigns.With over 8 years of experience in the industry, she has developed a reputation as a competent, results-oriented marketer who is skilled in creating and executing innovative marketing strategies.She is particularly skilled in social media marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click strategies, and has a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in the digital marketing industry. She is also skilled in creating and optimising sales and marketing funnels to drive conversions and increase revenue.Claire's approach to digital marketing is data-driven, and she uses the latest tools and techniques to track and analyse the performance of her campaigns, allowing her to make informed, evidence-based decisions that drive business growth.If you're looking for a talented and experienced digital marketing strategist to help take your business to the next level, Claire is the perfect choice. With her unparalleled marketing skills and expertise, she can help you reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions, leading to significant revenue growth.


2016eCommerceUSADigital Marketing Specialist
2017BPOAustraliaDigital Marketing Specialist | Data Analyst | Systems Analyst
2020Marketing AgencyUKSocial Media & Reputation Manager | PPC Data Analyst
2020Finance/Real EstateUSADigital Marketing Consultant
2021Advertising AgencyAustraliaDigital Campaign Executive
2023HospitalityAustraliaHead of Marketing


  • 2024 - Certified Digital Marketing Strategist

  • 2021 - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Major in Marketing Management

  • 2017 - Diploma in Blogging & Content Marketing

  • 2016 - Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing

  • 2012 - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Inbound Marketing Certified (HubSpot)

  • Certified in Google Analytics (GAIQ)

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt



With my experience and expertise, I can help you handle all aspects of promoting your brand in the digital space. From creating and executing effective marketing campaigns, to building and optimising your website, I can help you achieve your business goals and drive revenue growth.Don't hesitate to reach out to me, I'll be happy to help you take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

Why is Social Media Important to Your Business

THE INTERNET HAS REVOLUTIONIZED A LOT OF THE WAY WE DO THINGS AND THE ARRIVAL OF SOCIAL MEDIA COMPLETELY CHANGED A LOT OF INDUSTRY MAINLY, MARKETING.It is impossible to create a marketing strategy without factoring in social media. This new technology is an important and effective tool in promoting your business. It helps you reach and connect with millions of consumers from all over the world which helps increase your brand awareness and boost your leads and sales.BUT WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IMPORTANT TO YOUR BUSINESS?
Social media is a platform that is used by almost everyone today.It has evolved to more than just being a tool to connect with your loved ones, it has also become a platform where businesses can introduce their products and services to reach a wider and more diverse audience. Social media platforms have become a tool to establish better the relationship between businesses and consumers.In today’s internet age, social media presence is a must. If your goal is to increase your brand awareness and reach more audiences then you need a social media profile. Whatever product and services you might offer there’s a big chance that most of your audience and target customers are on social media. You need to go where they are if you want your message to reach across them.Social media marketing is understanding this technology and how it has been helping people connect easier and using that knowledge to your advantage. The goal of marketing has always been about product and service promotions. So basically, you are using social media platforms in promoting your business.Social media marketing helps you communicate better with your audience so that you can cater to their needs and demands. Because of how it operates, it allows you to hear their feedback in real-time and it would also allow you to be able to respond to their concerns immediately. Getting their feedback means that you will know which aspect to change and improve and knowing it early on would help you improve early.Your social media presence can also increase the potential of your business being known. It is a great way to garner attention from your target audience and you know that the audience’s familiarity with your products and services will increase the potential of them purchasing it. Interaction with your audience helps build trust between your brand and them. And remember that customers mostly prefer to purchase from the businesses that they trust the most.Although you might think that social media promotions and maintaining your presence on the internet can be time consuming, because of the advanced technology you don’t have to worry about spending your time 24/7 online. There are a lot of marketing tools that can help you create content that will appeal to your audience and can talk to them.SO, WHY IS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IMPORTANT TO YOUR BUSINESS?Simple. If done right, it boosts your brand awareness and increases your sales. It highly benefits your business and it is the future of marketing. If you don’t want to be left behind, you need to start thinking about strengthening your social media marketing.

Clubhouse Being the Next Social Media Platform

Clubhouse is considered one of the hottest apps right now. Launched in March 2020, the invite-only app now has reached 13 million downloads with 1.3 million in March so far.According to the company it has 10 million active users each week. With big names such as Oprah, Bill Gates to Elon Musk, the app has been gaining more attention with more people wanting to become a user.The company was founded by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. It describes itself as “A new type of social product based on voice that allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships and meet interesting new people around the world.”Its unique feature caused it to be the talk of the town. The app launched in March 2020 with an invite-only exclusivity. It started out as a small community mainly made up of venture capitalists. Although most of the time last year it has been used more exclusively by the people in Silicon Valley it exploded earlier this year when tech moguls Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg joined and spoke in one of the rooms. And it has been gaining traction since.Because it is an audio-chat based app, the users can enter rooms and listen to talks and ongoing conversations. They can choose the room that they want to enter according to their interest and join the discussions. The users can also create their own event and people who are interested can set a reminder and they will receive a notification once the talk starts.What sets apart this social media app is its exclusivity since it is only available for iOS users and you will first need an invite from existing users before you can join. You can however download the app to reserve your username.Another unique thing about this is that when most if not all social media apps require you to look at the screen all the time, Clubhouse doesn’t. You can just enter a room with a topic that you are interested in and listen to the discussion while doing whatever it is that you are doing. It’s like a podcast but interactive since you have the opportunity to raise your hand and speak.It is like a conference call with most people doing the talking and the audience listening. They can raise their hand if they want to speak but it’s up to the moderator who they choose to allow to be on stage.However audio recording is forbidden so what was said in the room stays in the room. And if you want to be updated and be able to listen to the talks you have to be in the app most of the time. But according to Clubhouse it records a copy of the talks that happens in the room but only retains them if someone files a complaint while the room is live. They discard the recording after the host closes the discussion.

The buzz that this app has generated has been the topic of many speculations, can it sustain its momentum and become the next big thing?According to Austen Allred, CEO of tech skill education company Lambda School, no one really knows. “I can imagine it scaling, though. There are hundreds of millions of people using Twitter and I have my little corner of it I pay attention to. I don’t see why that can’t be true for Clubhouse,” he added.The pandemic and lockdowns is one of the biggest contributors for the increased interest around the app. Since people are confined inside, the app is a useful tool for people to communicate.However, popular and promising it may be, the app still has a long way to go in terms of improving its interface and user experience.It recently received backlash over its lenient protocols towards harassment and failure to moderate rooms. New York Times reporter, Taylor Lorenz was one of the vocal people who denounced the chat-based social media platform. Issues regarding hate speech and abuse are happening.There had been a lot of instances where the topics of the rooms spirals into anti-semitism, racism and COVID-19 denialism. Some journalists – mostly women – also have experienced bullying and harassment from others on the platform.Although Clubhouse released a statement that says any hate speech and bullying are against its Community Guidelines there’s not much done about it with their unclear moderation policies.As the app is still in its beta testing, there is still a lot to improve. Hopefully they will be able to fix the issues and impose stricter community guidelines for it to be a safe space for its users. Clubhouse announced it will release the app on Android but they didn’t give a specific date yet.